Summer Denim

by Bianca

It’s a bit off the trend list, but in all fairness, there’s nothing better than summer denim. It still goes with everything while splendid with gold and friendship bracelets. And if you try the washed out and the dark, or the white and classic blue denim, you’ll be one of those casually dressed to perfection.

If you’re going for the Coachella look, here are the 2 single tips I’ll be dispensing:

1. Short shorts. If they’re not short enough, cut some more. The pockets should be peaking out.

2. Accessories. White shirt and denim cut-off scream for bold accessories: boots or gladiators, stacks of necklaces and bracelets will make it count.

So who cares if you don’t have Rosie’s legs? Summer’s here, get comfy!