Monica Birladeanu, As You Like Her

We did a  shoot with Monica back in March. Barna asked me on board, together with Oana as stylists. When I first heard about it, I was sure this was going to be pretty demanding. I mean, it’s Monica Birladeanu! Not only is she stunning, but she’s one of the most inaccessible people. It was gonna be preeety BIG.

Had a job interview that morning, so I came in on set late since I was the real diva that day and went to meet her. Really now, Monica is strikingly stunning wearing only a t-shirt, jeans and boots, just in case you’re thinking she’s all about make-up. Nope. She is one beautiful lady, and after make-up and hair was done, she was… well…perfect.

One of the best people to work with: she knows what angles suits her best, she knows when to give you the fun-girl and when to throw that come-hither look. And she knows how to communicate with every piece of her body and that’s simply amazing. If you can work with someone who can give you an emotion just by the way they cross their legs or move their hands, a great photo shoot is sure to happen. Which it did.

After going through all of the outfits planned in advance, there was only one other thing to wear, so we grabbed it and shot her in it. It went on to be the cover.

You can see it in All Hollow‘s pilot issue, sold now with Decat o Revista, all around Romania and online. Starting September, All Hollow is flying solo. Until then, clicky clicky.


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