The Who And The When

…without a beep about the why.

A few weeks ago I got a call about starring in the street style section of a pretty well-read and often bought fashion magazine. That didn’t really pan out, since I have no magazine scan to show for, but one very nice and patient Ioana Enescu managed to take some cool shots, so here I am wearing some of my favorite things.

Thought that, since the magazine didn’t happen, no sense in wasting a perfectly well-done photo shoot. Really, the same goes for muffins. I just don’t enjoy cooking that much, otherwise you would be watching stripped down naked potatoes and shy cheese right now.

Here I am, on the famous streets that lead to Rue de Pain, on a gloriously hot summer’s day.

Scroll below to get the dibs on what I’m wearing.

Wearing Tricoul Romanesc, by Adrian Oianu, Kate Spade bag, Opening Ceremony boots& Ioana Enache jewelry, Zara sunglasses.


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