I’ll Have Seven Sins. Do You Take Cards?

by Bianca

Photos by Ioana Enescu.

I’ve started preaching the Gospel according to the Savvy Buyer- denouncing all Impulse Shopping and worshiping at the shrine of Build-Your-Wardrobe. So there aren’t many trendy, oh-so-now items hanging in my closet- I found some shortcuts to by-pass trends without looking boring. A nail polish here, a necklace there, accessories tie it all together and (hopefully) still look on trend.

Take for instance these Proenza’s, whose story is saved for another post that will talk about the benefits of online comparative shopping. Pretty? Oh, mos def. Wardrobe staples that are worth it? Sure. Comfy? Bitch, please. The benefits of having them in my wardrobe are directly proportional to the number of times I leave the door of said wardrobe open so I can admire them from atop my bed. Which is comfy. And so wardrobes take second place to shoes. Always.

Until then, God save the sales, the time is now. Bungee jump into those guilty pleasures like nobody’s watching, there’s very little judging in here.

Dress by the very talented Ioana Ciolacu, check out her truly covetable fall lookbook; Proenza Schouler shoes; H&M necklace; Juicy Couture bag.