The Week In Review #1

It’s been the perfect week for taking pictures: the weather cooled off, the city’s deserted by vacation-goers and long-time-no-see friends were in town for festivals, drinks and catching-up.

It was Gaga appreciation day on Thursday, but for a few more snaps of the event you should check out the Facebook page. Sophia was wearing the most ridiculous pair of Givenchy- the same pair I’ve been lusting over for years and years (about 3, to be precise). They weren’t in black, as they sometimes appear in my dreams, but still there was a lot of sighing on my part.

Yesterday had a bit of a field trip to Ideo Ideis in Alexandria, where a few of my friends played in Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer and Tony-winning play August: Osage County. Before it goes to the silver screen, starring Julia Roberts and  Meryl Streep, you can still check it out this Wednesday at Godot and be a connoisseur.

Since I’ve been doing a small tour of Romania as of late, Timisoara also happened- this time on assignment with the awesome people at Peroni. The downside: ran to the airport and almost lost my flight. The upside: the Dome, which is quite impressive. Upside #2:. flew in the world’s tiniest plane and went on to write about it.

Next week I’ll be off to the sunny& wet side of the country, but Ioana & I have a few other goodies in store for you, so coooomeeee baaaack sooon!


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