Easy Does It

by Bianca

Photos by Ioana Enescu

Didn’t have much time lately, it’s been a busy, busy summer, so here I am pushing the breaks to welcome fall. A few projects lining-up, but that’s not that exciting to read. Know what’s exciting? My fall shopping list, that’s what’s exciting. So stay tuned, I’ll be doing the fun showroom round-up soon enough (already started with Lee Cooper) and bringing home (here, here is home, yeah) some delicious fall items that you and me both will be saving up for, undoubtedly.

Tips& tricks for those that aren’t into the cold weather or moving to Hawaii next month: this is the last weekend to go digging through the sales and this can go either really well (perfect item, high discount) or really bad (perfect item, high discount, really wrong size).

Jewelry by Ioana Enache, jeans from Zara, distressed at home, in the bathtub (feeling that DIY comin’?), Gap t-shirt.