The Week in Review #2

by Bianca

First part of the week involved finding the owner of one seriously cute and fluffy doggie. Which happened unexpectedly fast, and here’s a tip: if you ever find a lost pet on the street, put up loads of posters. It works. What’s really not that fun is how much the phone can ring, but all in the name of puppy love I guess.

The weekend was spent in Vama Veche, with old friends and friends of friends and sometimes just random people who just happened to be there. Had the good people of OCS playing Saturday, that was a blast from the past, but other than that, crowded places sometimes make for boring places, so I called it a night around 3am, which, given the fact that I woke up at 5pm and had lunch at 10pm, was kinda early. The upside of Saturday? Wish lamps being launched from the shore, which was both beautiful and a bit scary, since some of them collapsed in flames.