I’ll Have Seven Sins. Do You Take Cards?

Photos by Ioana Enescu. I’ve started preaching the Gospel according to the Savvy Buyer- denouncing all Impulse Shopping and worshiping at the shrine of Build-Your-Wardrobe. So there aren’t many trendy, oh-so-now items hanging in my closet- I found some shortcuts to by-pass trends without looking boring. A nail polish here, a necklace there, accessories tie it all together and (hopefully)…… Continue reading I’ll Have Seven Sins. Do You Take Cards?

The Who And The When

…without a beep about the why. A few weeks ago I got a call about starring in the street style section of a pretty well-read and often bought fashion magazine. That didn’t really pan out, since I have no magazine scan to show for, but one very nice and patient Ioana Enescu managed to take some cool…… Continue reading The Who And The When