A Bunch Of Reasons To Get Excited Over New York Fashion Week

Oh, I’m sorry…. were you still vacationing? Still taking on the sunshine and enjoying a relaxing time by the pool?

Well, put an end to it, sista! Take that sand dust off your shoes and get tons of concealer to cover that gorgeous tan of yours: in 3, 2, 1 it will be oh-so-last-season: Fashion Week’s happening in a mere 2 days!

New York’s what’s happening first, so I thought that a top hit LIST is what will make it fun and prioritize what should be the beginning of a beautiful month.

Here are my top reasons to be excited.

Reason #1 The Eye Has to Travel

As you might have seen on the Facebook page, I’m seriously excited about the documentary on Diana Vreeland. Now, Diana wasn’t just the epitome of eccentric bohemian that the whole Tanenbaum family is based on, but also one of those blessed with vision. Vreeland is credited for discovering Lauren Bacall (you’re welcome Bogie!), one of Warhol’s muses, the lovely Edie Sedgwick and for offering precious style advices to the most notoriously fashionable First Lady- Jackie Kennedy. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Vreeland worked for the two most important fashion publications this side of the world, Bazaar and Vogue, the latter ending up firing her. Of course, Vogue has this incredible track record of firing genius editors after years of letting them run wild (hm, hm, hm, Carine, hm!), so that getting sacked is almost like a badge of honor: ‘you’ve generously instilled brilliance upon our magazine, but now we must look for the next chosen one’.

Anywho, The Eye Has to Travel needs to be on your fall movie list for sure and if you care for bit of an autumnal read this season, try her autobio DV. It will entertain you more than Robbie ever did. And now I’ll shut up about Vreeland.

Reason #2 Jack& Lazaro

Proenza Schouler! Simply put, they are the most refreshing and directional designers out there and I’m not saying that just because they also happen to be the hottest. Oh no, I’m not that shallow! Their last collection, inspired by asian aesthetics (think NINJA outfits! nah, kidding….) seamed around it one of the biggest trends of the upcoming season and considering how there’s only a handful of them, a feat like that is not a fluke, but an accomplishment based on years of work. And talent, surely, heaps and heaps of it. So yeah, Jack and Lazaro will be having my unabashed attention the following Wednesday, when the show is scheduled.

Reason #3 Marissa Webb

Marissa Webb has been, until very recently, the head of the apparel and accessories department at J.Crew, one of those whole-hearted, pure blooded American brands that have evolved in a spectacular way (long story short, the company was sold and eventually bought back, went back to black – aka in the clear, financially speaking, and is now turning profit like proof readers turn pages while planning to expand globally, read Asia). They’re no longer wholesome and the-brand-next-door, but have become true leaders in the game. While J.Crew is not about apparel, J.Crew is definitely about brilliant merchandising and Jenna Lyons has been in the driving seat for this entire ride, as the president and creative director. But we all know that it takes a village, and Webb’s Spring 13 debut with her very own independent label is making me curious. She might be one to watch.

Reason #4 Holmes& Yang

Celebrity collections, this seemingly vain endeavor that bored but stylish famous people take, stroke back and made us eat our words. Remember how border line ridiculed Posh Spice was before she proved her own weight (and so much more) with her eponymous brand Victoria Beckham? How about the Olsens, how now helm a billion dollars empire and are no longer the style crushes of grungy girls who dream of band t-shirts and fur, but also of mature women who can afford $40,000 bags? The Row, with their beautifully crafted and perfectly styled brand, is coveted by fashionistas and shopped by rich and afluent women, since luxury don’t come cheap. That being said, Katie Holmes, or Joey for those of us raised in the ’90s with MTV and Dawson’s Creek, is making the headlines this year: first went Tom, now goes her Holmes & Yang brand, created alongside her personal stylist Jeanne Yang. Keeping our fingers crossed that this doesn’t Kanye West all over us!

Reason #5 Street Fashion

Street cred, a legit reason to follow the life and glamour of fashion week, since it kinda has a life of it’s own. In the past fashion week has proven that it’s not just about what goes on behind closed doors, but very much about what’s happening outside of them, so here it is: I die to see what Taylor, Carine, Emanuelle, AdR, Zanna, Hanneli Vika, Miroslava and many, many others will be showing off on their vigorously documented fall walk-off. Hallelujah fashion week, for thou art blessing us with vanity and sky-high heels!

Reason #6 Models Off Duty

Because they remind me of something that Kate said in the drug haze of the ’90s: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Whilst the mantra of anorexics around the wold, I’ll still tape that to my fridge, next to a picture of Freja and Erin. #whitegirlproblems

This is it! Six is a number that’s neither here nor there, but those above are plenty of reasons to stay glued to your computer for news from over the ocean. Next stop, The Europe! That’s where the fun really starts!

God bless you and God bless New York Fashion Week!

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