We might not have been properly introduced, but I believe it goes without saying that I simply adore Le Carine.

The former French Vogue czarina was headmaster of the glorious school of fashion we call Vogue Paris and after a tumultuous goodbye from the publication, she went on to be bigger then ever by launching her own book and now, this September, coming out with her own magazine, called, clear and simple for everyone (to the joy of marketing people that believe in personal branding) CR.

Since most media outlets have become limited and bound to censorship (be it from common sense by fear of public outrage, or simply because advertisers don’t enjoy taking risks with the brands they manage), taking the plunge and editing her own magazine is probably one of the best moves she could make. Question was, without the safety net of a big media trust behind her, that acted both as the giant to rebel against and the protective money giver, would she be as cutting edge as we all know her to be? Being on your own makes can make you do one of the two: go all the way and put it all on the line, or go for safe.

Tom Ford, who’s been by Carine’s side for 20 something years (and she by his, as muse) pens a fairy tale and goes on to photograph it as well. I believe the opening to be quite the cliff-hanger, as Ford goes on to paraphrase Mae West: “Once upon a time, high above Manhattan, lived a prince and princess of New York. The princess was breathtakingly beautiful, and she was adored by her handsome prince. When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad, she was gorgeous.” 

By the looks (pre-looks that is) she done us proud. Little CR preview below, enjoy.


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