Apple Picking

All photos Ioana Enescu.

Chilly morning, jesus, I went to bed and it was summer, woke up and it’s October! But here’s a quick list of things to be looking to in October (don’t you just love a positive list, so merry, so fun):

1. Apple picking. And if you know a farm, orchard, small garden with apple trees, I wanna!
2. Halloween. Seriously, you don’t have a costume yet? Ish….
3. Leather jackets.
4. …and thigh high boots. Maybe not neccessarily in the same combo though…
5. Topshop& JW Andreson. Because Margiela isn’t the only exciting colab out there (although, mark my words, I got a tiny sneak peak and I can assure you it is extraordinary, save yer pennies)
6. Shorter days, yay! Ha, gotcha! Noone is happy about that, nope.

Wearing H&M pants and top, Kate Spade Bag, Zara sunnies.

Went on a bit of a shopping spree this past weekend and got to Idelier, which is all about Romanian designers. And awesome rings. I got my evil queen one, there it is holding the poisoned apple.

Almost forgot: if your Instagram feed is boring, you might wanna add me! thecorner_bianca


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