Instagrams to Have and to Hold

Oh hi, are you really reading a blog? Darling, you’re so passée, you’re like platform heels when we all know it’s about stilettos now. Il ne faut pas, cherie. Lemme just say this: Instagram. Besides having nearly everyone condemn their borderline obsessive- compulsive smart phone addicition in this month’s blogger section on, I could have a few dozen pictures of people check their FB/insta while having coffee together. But you’d have to go on Instagram for that kind of content.

Nah, I won’t be the one to cure you of your ridiculous Instagram obsession, I’ll be your Adele: I’ll set fire to that rain. More so, I’ll give you a top of the best Instafeeds worth following in Romania, as they pertain to fashion… and stuff.

Fashion Director at The One,  Andreea Macri is already one of the best fashion photographers in town. So when she started her Instagram account, followers piled-up. Aside from going to all the important fashion shows, Andreea likes to go exploring behind the scenes, and will certainly give you a glimpse of the work, not always the glam, of all things fashion.

@megwi and @deliatudose
…Or how the 1% live. The 1% meaning young, rock-and-roll, skinny and beautiful models. Delia and Mariuca both travel a lot, so their shots are eye candy for those stuck at the desk. Bonus: their boyfriends make guest-appearances in their photos and they’re no ordinary fellows either: Delia is dating Vali Barbulescu (rings a bell, I’m sure) and Mariuca is parading her love with Tudor Mihaita, the jujitsu instructor.

Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director at Bfresh Magazine, Sorina is this bona fide Romanian Elin Kling. Aside from all those designer stuff she’s posting, you’re gonna get behind-the-scene looks from her shootings and some hip event pictures of FPWLHOW (famous people we’d like to hang out with).

@absolutelyfabulousmagazine & @absolutelyfabulousteam
The fab duo of Alina&Diana, already wildly known in the Romanian online circles (and intl!) are keeping their feeds glamorous, decadent and completely drool-worthy. You may want to go shopping after checking out their page, so consider yourself warned.

I love myself an arm full of everything, to go please. But who doesn’t, really? And when you snap a picture of that, run it through a filter and post it, I’m gonna like it. A lot. Malvensky‘s stuff is beautifully crafted and the feed fun to watch. Spoiler alert: cute kittens sometimes appear. Can’t help loving, it’s just impossible.

Photographer and self-named “recontextualisateur” Stefan Cosma is snapping shots from all the weird angles and you’ll get a fresh take on everything that was ever so familiar. It’s probably the same stuff  you’ve seen hundreds of times, so boring, so dirty, so kitsch. But you haven’t seen it like he sees it. You’re welcome.

Food blogger and GoodFood Editor-in-Chief Mazi posts her incredibly handsome delicious treats for everyone to gush over. Every single time I vow to go grocery shopping and end up in yet another shoe store, ugh!! Alas, I’ll always have her Pictures!

Don’t forget to follow yours truly. There’s bling to be had.


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