A Few Good Men

All the little voices in my head agree that there are several factors that influence who I am and how I perceive things. And by several, they mean thousands, out of which some more important than others, obviously, and one in the top 10 list is the men factor. They’re my men’s style Oedipus complex.
I’ll oblige your curiosity and share them here.

Brad Pitt by Steven Klein, Interview

It’s the biggest ‘duh’ of them all- Brad Pitt tops womens’ lists all over the world as an all time favorite. I never liked The Brad in Legends of the Fall, as tradition requests it, matter a fact, I didn’t like Legends of the Fall one bit. Nor did I even remotely enjoy Meet Joe Black. It was Fight Club and Steven Klein that made me see him for a truly remarkable and interesting person. After that it was all downhill: the motorcycles, the antique scouting, the photography, the family guy, the articulated, cohesive person that he is now.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, who has reinvented Gucci and worked closely with Carine Roitfeld, is one of the founding fathers of the porno chic movement that Carine queens over. In his own way, with a mildly obscene and far more commercial eye, he is the American Roitfeld. But he had me at a Single Man, the most beautiful film in the world. Close competition to Heima, but Heima has an unbeatable upperhand- Icelandic scenary. Otherwise, Tom wins by a long shot.

Robert Redford, 1959

Some things are self evident, but if you are of age and are not taken with Robert Redford, I’ll urge you to immediately cease all other activity (including reading this blog, you’re allowed to finish the sentence) and watch All the Presidents Men and Three Days of the Condor and Barefoot in the Park. Lessons in handsome-ship and style. GO. NOW.

Mikhail Baryshnikov by Brigitte Lacombe, Acne Paper

I’d tell you about this guy right here being my favorite Carrie man, but that’ll ruin it all, no? Basically I believe he’s a talented dancer, but I’m not one to have too many opinions on the matter. It’s the aristocratic air of the exiled Russian who is too free-spirited for the East and too intellectual for the West, all nicely wrapped as the whole package.

Kurt Cobain

It’s all been about Kurt, really. The whiskey voice, the melancholy, the rock star aura, the bleached hair, that stripped black and red torn sweater. The voice of a generation and then some.

Michael Pitt by Hedi Slimane

All Pitts were created equal in The Corner, clearly. There is no coincidence Michael Pitt follows Kurt, because he played the rock star role in Last Days, and did it splendidly. What makes Michael Pitt amazing is the mix between the air of elitist hipster (because of his worn out boots and his girlfriend) and the fact that he’s ok with celebrity in its Hollywood thin air package. All of the above and he’s a man of incredible talent.


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