Safety Blanket

Photos by Ioana Enescu.

First time I wore this on the streets it was a bit chilly outside, and I felt warm and cozy and people were staring. So I thought they were appreciative and somewhat jealous of my cosiness. Until I walked into the office and this guy comes up to me and says: you have a blanky on you? Cue ‘safety blanket’ jokes, right here.

Did it burst my bubble? Hell no. I absolutely love this poncho/safety blanky and I’m wearing the hell out of it. And when worse comes to worse, I’ll layer it over a leather jacket, cuz that’s how we roll.

And if anyone asks, there might have been a time, when later in the evening the poncho was closer than the blanket, yeas….

WoodWood poncho, Juicy leather pants, Zara shoes, Madewell clutch (and MNG shirt if you’re curious about the details).


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