Regrets of Winters Past

There are a few things I feel I never took the time to pay attention to in the past and now bitterly regret it. Every now and again there are a few trends that seamlessly blend in and become classics. Some you recognize and some just go by you until one day, 2, 3 maybe 4 years later you end up saying out loud ‘Goddamit, shoulda bought that!”. Followed by: ” I have nothing to wear”.

Here are the ones that got away from me; a few of the things I always said I needed and never really got.

It seemed like the biggest fleeing trend: a coat with no sleeves, what decadence, how useless, don’t buy into all this fashion crap, be smart, walk away. And so I caved in to the voices in my head that said it’s a stupid trend. That was 2 years ago, and now, whenever I see a camel cape I die a little bit, because it’s simply one of those show stoppers: beautiful, elegant, timeless. Also it was $50 on sale at Zara and that’s the worst of it all.

Camel, capes and leopard all happened at the same time. Camel I was on board with, loved and bought. Capes, you have the story above, and leopard followed. It seemed “old” and too lady-like at the time, especially in the above mentioned combo. But now, if I think about it next to plaid and olive parkas, I feel like a need a time machine. Leopard every and anything, please!

I never thought of this as an essential, really, just one of those nice to have things. “Never” is relative to: “until I see someone wearing one”. Then I get mad at myself for not buying one, because they are as classic as classic gets and will never ever go out of style. They’re also better than any military trend living in my closet now and will surely out-live it. Silver lining: These guys are still selling. This one goes on the winter shopping list.

Every October I remember looking these guys up and thinking “I have to get a pair” and then it’s January, it’s 10cm of snow outside and I still don’t have that pair. It’s one of those things, winter, that creeps up on you. Sure the duck boots are an acquired taste, I bet most of you think they’re ugly as hell, and they are, but you fall in love with them precisely 5 minutes after opening the door to -20C. Don’t think Uggs are an option. They really are not and uggliness aside, they get wet.

While I do have many knits in the closet, I don’t have boys knits (which are chunkier, therefore better). So I started going to the other side of the store, where size 41 in shoes is average. Let me say this ladies: IT’S AMAZING. All these great things that you can find in the men’s section- simply lovely. Flannel shirts, knits and scarves and hats, maybe jackets if they have real tiny sizes. Sure, they’re all weekend wear since they fit loosely and all, but c’mon, when’s the last time you shopped only for lounge and weekend wear? I mean, if you’re like me and tend to wear leggings and a beat-up band t-shirts indoors, one of these trips in the men’s department is long due.

You’re sensing a theme here, right? I have beanies and caps and all sorts of bed-hair inducing situations. This however I never bought, because in NY it was too hipster-y. I feel I can wear it here now, no problem. Besides, girls can wear any kind of cap, they’re fails safe, we’re all so cute in them, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t look school-young and fresh-chic in them. Yes, I just made up two trend names, that’s right.

Missed the on-going boat on these guys Every.Single.Damn.Fall. I remember to order them when it’s lready rainy season and snow ques up in the cold line. Damn, damn, damn. Setting a reminder for August 2013 right this minute.

Had one, hated it deary, NY winters followed (which are nothing short of brutal) and I started loving it. Now we had to part ways so this is nothing that I forgot to buy, just something I regret from last winter. Thing is, finding the perfect parka is nuts: it has to have fur (real or a damn good imitation, otherwise t looks cheap) it needs to be warm, it needs to be fluffy but not too fluffy, flat but not I-just-sat-on-it-flat, a good price aaaaand a great design, since you’ll live in it for 2 months. If that doesn’t sound like a Rag and Bone sample sale, I don’t know what does.


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