Tuesday Shoesday

If you’re here because of Facebook, you probably know my blatantly obnoxious themed day on Facebook where I share my entire ‘shoes’ folder. Well, this special time, I thought we might do this the other way around and instead of me showing you all the cool stuff Tommy Ton shoots, I might show you what lies in my shoe closet. I only chose some of the guys, because I’m selective like that and I also have favorites amongst my babies, and November’s are these.

The selection is black and consist of Proenza, Zara and Senso (playing the role of the devil’s hooves).

If you ever wish to go beyond the superficiality of such things, I do have a bit of a fashion book collection, which we might talk about some other time. And Mark Twain don’t know fashion, I’ve looked all through that big boring book, not a picture of a shoe! Terrible, I tell ya!


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