Discuss This!

Pedro Lourenco

Ladies (and gents, oh, how I hope there are some gents) let’s discuss brunch topics. You know, you’ve already Facebooked, Instagramed and Whatsapped the hell out of your BFF all week long, so you know what he/she wore, what he/she bought, who he/she saw and where he/she went. So I’ll help break that uncomfortable silence this weekend, you’re very welcome.

Discuss this!

1. Four more years! I bet it was her lucky bolero that she wore four years ago and once again 2 days ago. Hey, whatever works!

2. Saddest news of the week goes to Nicolas Ghesquière who left Balenciaga and our hopes and expectations. No worries, the king is dead, long live the king: Fashionista takes a look at a few names speculated to take over Balenciaga. I’m rooting for Pedro Lourenco, he has that spark in his needle, he’s young, he’s talented. Christopher Kane is not one to be pushed aside either, but I’ll say a ‘hell no’ to Mary Katrantzou- not because she’s not wonderful, but I feel she wouldn’t pick up where Nicolas left off. Also ‘hell no’ to Wang, I like his talent to be his and his alone, and I’ll stay in the way of any inspiration of his being diluted to benefit some other brands. Call it designer protectionism, why don’t ya?

3. Best news of the week? You can sit on a Brad Pitt. Bet it’s cosy yet strong and smells of baked apples and happiness.

4. Chanel No. More. Chanel No 5 is too natural,says the European Union, and it makes allergic people allergic. So it might get banned. That makes as much sense as banning organic, locally sourced food because it’s too organic and too natural. Seriously.

5. On why Nicolas left Balenciaga. No real reason is provided, and Horyn, who I deeply respect, seems to be dragging her feud with Hedi Slimane in this article as well, and it’s been a while. Bury them hatchets!

6. By this time next week i hope I’ve already tweeted, instagramed, blogged, facebooked, slept and washed in my new MMM x HM boots. I wish the same to you, here’s a vid.

7. Last but not least, Happy Fifth Bazaar!


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