Discuss This!

So, how was your weekend? Here’s what happened since you were out partying like cray cray.

For instance, Barneys NYC though about doing this Electric Holiday thing, where you have all the fashion’s royalty as Disney characters. In case you’re tired of seeing Carine 2D in pics, now she’s a cartoon character too. Enjoy the video, it’s seriously epic. Which we all know will soon become legendary.
For the premiere, Sarah Jessica Parker wore this insanely cute head piece.

Chanel dug deep for that tape where Marilyn Monroe famously admits to a reporter that she only wears Chanel NO5 to bed. In case you ever wondered what her voice sounds like when she says that, here you go. I’ll ease up your need to focus- it’s at the end of the clip and it’s her voice telling the story about how she got asked about it. Stuff of legend right here.

Unveiled took place in Bucharest this week, butI was too late to get out of my house and attend Cristina Sabaiduc’s show. And boo on me, because there are some serious gems there, like the capped shirt and the printed shorts. Wish list for SS13, I declare thee open.

Seriously, how can this be so…uhm…not that good? REM+James Franco+Patti Smith= meh video. Watch for yourself. I for one simply blame Lindsey Lohan, that woman is like vinegar to wine- only a small amount and it turns everything into sh*&!

Just when I thought I was all Zara-d out, here’s their December lookbook. Oh sales, thy kingdom cometh faster-th!



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