Black Friday

Photos by Ioana Enescu

Thanksgiving has come to pass and madness soon followed: right after being so very thankful for all that we have, we want to have more. That’s fine, who’s not into a good sale?

But me, no thank you, I don’t get out of bed for anything less than a Margiela collab. I do Black Friday like God intended it: with a monochrome outfit and pony haired hooved shoes.

In the dark light of today’s insanity, I decided to host The Corner’s first retail math class, which will be fun, because we’ll discuss savvy shopping and why sales are rarely a bargain. Monday is the day and coincidentally it’s also Cyber Monday- let’s make it a date before you break the internet and the bank. My advice for today? The holidays are coming: buy Christmas presents for your loved ones. You’ll be shopping for yourself come discounts and January all you want. And those sales are better than these, just like the milkshake.

H&M coat, Senso hooves, Juicy Couture leather pants, Asos beanie.


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