Photos by Ioana Enescu.

Have you noticed how after prolonged periods of wishing for something so bad it makes you a bit nauseous, after getting it, you’re a bit ”eh”? See, this never happened with these boots.

Margiela x HM was surely a stretch, since it was one of those times I had to fight my way into and out of a store. And it was worth it for the most part, because these boots were made for all sorts of things and walking is one of them.

The way I see it is this: if I still like the piece after I’ve been bombarded with images for two months on end, I’m allowed to buy it. Otherwise, usually designer collabs are so in your face it makes it hard to concentrate on whether or not you actually like it.
Wearing cut-off Levi’s, Zara sweater, Madewell clutch& you know the rest.

Here’s what the rumor is saying these days. I’m torn between affordable doggy t-shirt and this voice saying ‘we’ve gone too far’ in the back of my head.


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