Rock ‘n’ Roll, Suga’

by Bianca


I really wish I knew my bikes, but truth of the matter is, no matter how hard my brother and father ride them, I still talk about them as being ‘pretty’ and ‘cute’. That being said, I do know where to find the prettiest and cutest bikes around. Did a shoot last week and had top notch props on set, which included homies Fender, Gibson, Harley and Davidson.

Both bikes are custom (up to the point where all the brass was salvaged, melted and poured back into parts). The little man says “Thank God there’s Harley’ and who am I to argue.

Couldn’t resist hopping on that bike and taking the mandatory wannabe picture, but for those you’ll need to check my Instagram. Here are the official, not-that-embarrassing shots.



And pardon me for not being able to find anything more appropriate than leopard, leather, velvet and gold embroidery to wear, but I felt all sorts of Kate Moss that morning.


Wore Kate Moss for Mango coat, Juicy Couture leather pants, Juicy Couture t-shirt, Zara loafers, Wolf 25 necklace.