Discuss This!

This has been a looooooong week, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now and in case you’ve no idea what to talk about with your girlfriends over croissants and orange juice, here are your brunch topics.

Events are pouring over these days, helping you out with the holiday gifting situation (because you, like me, surely still need 101+ more gifts).
Ab Fab Fair gives you a great selection of vintage items and all sorts of goodies, in the always glam hosting of Alina&Diana.


Local designers unites all the best Romanian designers under one roof, making way for Murmur, 109 and many, many others.

Atelierul lui Mos Craciun is also hosting some great gifting items, so you can stop by and check both the designers and architecture at Palatul Cesianu, 2 in 1, score!

palatul cesianu
Make sure to stop by all the events, they will make your life easy in the days before Christmas.


BAHA NO15 is happening, peoples!
Loredana&Gojira are going to keep us dancing all night long next weekend, in a majorly awesome Jam’Affair to remember. Buy those tickets fast, they’re selling out (inside scoop)!


Anais Sand also launched their beautifully crafted jewelry collection at The Place Concept Store this week, and let me just say this: it’s worth the trip in this cold, cold December weather, they are really something else. You’ll see a bit more of them on the blog too.

Pic via Oyster Mag.

Wang sold his way to Balenciaga last week. If you ask the internet, it was a good choice, if you ask me I believe others would’ve been better at this task, but oh well. If you see it from the half-full end of it, an American designer at the helm of such a company is a statement, and one that sells as well as Wang is simply revolutionary. Now, since I’m all sorts of Eastern European and a purist snob at heart, I rather enjoyed the mildly conceptual aesthetic that Ghesquiere put into the brand, so it’s hard to see it (maybe) go mainstream. That being said, let’s see what’s in store pour la prochaine Fashion Week before we throw the punches.

MAJ UPDATE: Wang might be doing Balenciaga Haute Couture. Strangely enough, this puts a creatively optimistic spin on things.


Romanian wonder-stylist Marian Palie made this while you were tying your shoe laces. I think he’s simply amazing, so visit, visit, visit his website.


Robin& The Backstabbers had their album launch last week, but I was too busy nursing a hangover to write about it. Here are my two pennies: BUY THE ALBUM. I bought two copies, support your locals, homies!

Peroni Collaborazioni debuts this weekend, and I’m excited to see Mauvert’s work with Mihai’s designs, and everyone elses as well. Event pics will be coming your way soon, get excited!

Former Peroni collaborator and Sarto managing partner, Alex Moise, rallied up a great looking gang of guys I’d wish I’d hang out with. Dash and chich gents, dash and chic, to many more mobs like this, and please, let the girls know when/where this will be happening again, ok?




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