Lightaholic x The Corner

Photos by Lightaholic

Last week I got one particular e-mail that made me giddy. Catalin, aka Lightaholic is one of the best street style photographers I know and he wanted to shoot a few with me. Just like I do with invitations to bars, I said yes, and there’s a bit of the result down below, and a bit more on his blog as well.

I’ve raved about Catalin, now let me introduce to you the designer of this sick coat- Alex Tunsu. I’ve met Alex as Ioana Ciolacu assistant and a few months after as a bonafide designer himself. Incredibly talented, let me just say that. I got this coat thinking of it as a mere option (the back-up of the back-up in my mind) for a shoot and wore it, no matter what the outfit, all weekend long. Goes very well with torn jeans as it does with black leather. Put this guy on your bookmarks ladies, he’s one to watch.

And the ladies from Anais Sand, the purveyor of my massively beautiful necklace?No words really, their collection is simply stunning and so very versatile. They just launched at The Place last week, so be patient with they’re website, because it will be well worth it. But if you are downtown, check out the store, because you’ll want to wear their jewelry for both Christmas dinners and New Year’s Eve parties.

Wearing Alex Tunsu coat, Anais Sand necklace, Zara leather top, vintage skirt, PS shoes, Madewell clutch.


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