Why Peroni Will Always be Cool

The Speakers

Remember how last Saturday Peroni Collaborazioni debuted it’s designer& blogger collections?
If you missed that, you might wanna pay special attention to this, because this project just keeps getting better and better!

This time designer Mihai Dan Zarug and Claudiu Enescu of Mauvert/ Kinga Varga& Ana Morodan / Nadia Popescu of Portobello & Irina Markovits were those invited to design a clothing item befitting for an apres-ski party. You know, something for the chic, elegant snow bunny, something warm, but not too warm, something casual but with a hint of city smart thrown in the mix. The presentation was great, each team said a little something about the collaboration and then there we all were, drinking Peroni and getting into the apres-ski party mood (started snowing outside- seriously organizers, how did you pull that one off??)

Well, let me just say this: small venues make for the best parties! After the presentations The Speakers warmed us up with some pretty nice music and two hours later I was still partying!
V_Accesoriu din blana realizat de Nadia Popescu si Irina Markovits

Irina Markovits& Nadia Popescu design

Vesta(haina) realizata de Mihai Dan Zarug si Claudiu Enescu

Mihai Dan Zarug& Claudiu Enescu design.

Vesta(rochie) realizata de kinga Varga si Ana Maria Morodan (2)

Kinga Varga& Ana Morodan design.


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