H&M Autumn 2013 Collection or What’s For Dinner

You didn’t miss it, did you? H&M Autumn 2013 collection? If you did, here are the pictures via Grazia and my 2 cents on the matter: it’s easy and wearable. It won’t break the bank (Topshop Unique does break the bank for regular Topshop customers, so H&M just scored some major point for being considerate).…… Continue reading H&M Autumn 2013 Collection or What’s For Dinner

Music Is My Aeroplane

As usual, pics by the talented Ioana Enescu. Just in case you ever wondered what in the world I’m listening to, well buckle up, there’s a post on that! While most of the time I’m mainstreaming just like the next guy, there are a few steps in my musical evolution that I think crucial. To…… Continue reading Music Is My Aeroplane