For The Love of Riri

I’ve a confession to make and if this makes you wanna lame-tag me for a mainstreamer, you should go ahead, I’m ready for anything.

I love Rihanna.

Hear me out, you hater, ‘cuz this is the next Beyonce (of sorts) you’re reading about.

I don’t really know that much about her, nothing more that she shined bright like a diamond in my ears for days on end; diamonds are not something Madonna and Pink Floyd sing about anymore, but this Rihanna chick. And I know Chris Brown did some huge no-no, yet love takes rock at any rock-paper-scissors game, and that I won’t judge or discuss either, to each his own.

But what I do know, and what it is that attracts me to her like a moth to the flame is that she’s drop dead gorgeous. Seriously, shes beautiful. Not just hot, but beautiful. Spaghetti strap silky slip dresses? Oh my. Matte red lips? Hi there. Long, red pointy nails? Where do I buy those? Side shave and wavy curls? On my summer to-do list.

She’s got going this 90s minimalism trend that works like magic on her- and dare I say, I think it would work on anyone; but the real come hither is in the attitude- she’s smart enough to find a style niche- I mean, noone’s gone back to the 90s without tapping grunge and plaid- and she’s cool enough to wear it in a casual, basic way. Usually while smoking a joint of some sorts, it’s her Instagram watermark after all.

And when she’s hood, she’s real good- Riri’s track pants are what I imagine track pants to look like in track pants heaven. Seen those Adidas hi-tops? So freaking boss, I can’t even deal.





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