Music Is My Aeroplane

by Bianca

As usual, pics by the talented Ioana Enescu.

Just in case you ever wondered what in the world I’m listening to, well buckle up, there’s a post on that!

While most of the time I’m mainstreaming just like the next guy, there are a few steps in my musical evolution that I think crucial. To begin with, I started as a rocker. I still believe that deep down, that’s what I essentially am, and I’ll always love rock music and find my peace there.
I was a big Korn fan (I still am, still know all the lyrics, once a fan always a fan!) and rode that wave down to it’s very end.

Then came other bands, indie for the most part, but none that actually sang to me the same as Korn did. I guess it was that first love, that none others ever measure up to. I fell for The Dead Weather after I went to one of their concerts- I never liked them before, and only went to the concert because a friend of mine just wouldn’t shut up about them and left in awe- Jack White, with all his fake Tennessee accent, is probably one of the best musicians of our generation. And Allison Mossheart is what I wanna be when I grown up: raw rock ‘n’ roll.

As far as mainstreaming goes, I like my pop music sang by strong black women like Beyonce and Rihanna. And you might argue they’re worlds apart, and they are, but both of them have this unassuming strength about them that transpires through their music and makes me sing along.

And since I have this thing, where I can’t concentrate on writing when I hear others sing, I prefer some good ol’ classical music to soundtrack my work days. Lately it’s been Debussy, but only by chance, because I usually chill with soundtracks music (Hans Zimmer for all, I say).

That being said, would you share with the class your taste in music? What’s you morning shower playlist? What’s your power playlist? You know, the one you play before a big meeting? What’s your going out playlist, the one you use when you put on make up at 12 o’clock at night, before going out dancing?

Just in case you were wondering, the music blasting in my ears yesterday, when we took the photos was Rihanna, Stay, because that’s all I can listen to lately, it’s on repeat, repeat, repeat, because it’s so good and so fitting to this gloomy weather we’re having in Bucharest.

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Leave a comment below sharing your playlist (meaning write your favorite 5 songs) until Wednesday (March 6th, yup!) and Thursday( the 7th), just in time for the weekend, I’ll be announcing the lucky winner!



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Wearing H&M coats& jeans, Wang scarf, Zara boots and Calvin Klein Jeans headset from Fashion Days.