Someone Else’s Good Fortune

Dear ones, thank you all for sharing your music. Thank you to all the soundcloud people for setting me up for days with great tunes, your music is one foxy lady and I wouldn’t mind getting your suggestions in the comments section every day, so don’t let this ending be a downer.

That being said, as the Highlander often said, there can be only one. So I did a list of all your entries, I checked it twice and random generated a number (via this guy here) and Denisa Bell is the lucky winner of this puffy muffy sexy Calvin Klein Jeans headset which will not only play your music but will also keep you pretty warm. The definition of 2 in 1 if there ever was one. xxx, you’re all set with a headset! Kudos to you my friend, you’ve made more than 20 other people jealous. Well played.

Thank you again to the great peeps at Fashion Days, running the biggest fashion club this side of Europe, for making it all happen and don’t forget to check up on their social life(insta& FB) for the best deals online!


denisa winner


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