Avanpremiere or What Alex Tunsu is Cooking

Photos by Dana Paun. Boys and girls, Avanpremiere is happening tonight and look what Alex Tunsu sent my way! Gorgeous, right? Of course I won’t mention being hot as hell underneath all that pretty wool dress, since it’s part of the Fall/Winter collection. And i won’t mention that I’d probably be wearing it tonight, if…… Continue reading Avanpremiere or What Alex Tunsu is Cooking

In-between Weather, I <3 You

All photos Ioana Enescu. It’s almost annoying to be reminded that little over a month ago it was blizard-ing the hell out of us and now look, shorts, T-shirts, silk dresses! That aside, I’m embracing, even for a short while, this in-between weather that allows you to wear shorts and boots, like in those lovely…… Continue reading In-between Weather, I ❤ You