This Skin I Live In

Should we discuss beauty rituals now? Because I believe it’s high time we start doing this here.
Illustration by Kelly Thompson.

I’ve never been a freak about my skin treatments, but then again I’ve started to regret I haven’t been careful enough and about 2 years ago became a bit more focused on what I should and shouldn’t eat, why oils are so very important (for hair, nails, face, body, friends, my cat, the lot!) and what kind of skin treatments I should get.
There’s quiet an interesting study Avon ran a few weeks ago, and their findings were very revealing. For instance I was a bit astounded to read that it’s only 1 out of 5 women used skin care products more than twice a week. Strange, right?

However, unlike most Romanian girls I don’t use make up remover (yes, yes, I know, super-important, and eeeeveryone uses it apparently) but I simply wash my face with a gentle foaming gel for sensitive skin. Another thing that seemed intuitive to me is that almost 50% of women trust their friends advice when choosing their skin care products, which for me is true in 8 out of 10 products that I buy, be it skin care, food, clothing or.. anything really.

What’s revealing in AVON’s study? Only 30% of women use anti-aging moisturizers or treatments and here’s where the mantra of all beauty magazines fails. Women under 30 y.o. rarely think it necessary to use any sort of anti-aging products, because physically and psychologically you’re still partying hard, living it up and think you might get away with murder. I’m no saint either, there are many a nights when I go to bed with my make-up on (oh the horror of next morning…), and there are nights when I forget to moisturize. In my defense however, I’ve been using this really good oil lately and trying out AVON’s Anew eye cream, because there’s something there around my eyes, and I don’t know if it’s insanity-lines or age-lines, but I’d rather go for no-lines!

My weapons of choice? Well, washing and moisturizing: for me it’s 3 times a day: morning, after work and before bed. I used to buy all sorts of oily skin moisturizers, but since my skin is mixed, they rarely work. I had an epiphany a few years ago and started using mixed complexion products or those for sensitive skin and voila! much happier since.

Because I apply make-up in the morning, I kinda feel my face needs a bit of cleaning after 8-10 hours at the office, and then before going to bed…because I need to feel squeaky clean at night, don’t you?


Once every 2-3 days (or, if I’m real busy-read lazy, once a week) I try out some home-made masks and there are so many out there just waiting for you, you need to give them a go. One of the best face masks I ever used was the Dead Sea Minerals Body Mask from AVON, now sadly discontinued (when I found out it was gonna be out, I ordered 2 jars of it!). It left your entire face breathing through every pore, I absolutely loved it! That was pretty much the only store-bought face mask I ever tried and stuck to my own home made stuff ever since.

Face study, by Kelly Thompson.

Aside from that I’m using argan oil (plafar bought) at night which I’m hearing is absolutely great, but you know, it’s like eating your veggies: you don’t quite see the improvements, but you feel superior just by using it and recommend it to everyone you meet, saying how everyone is now using it and how they should try it too! Seriously, you should try it too!

What I’m doing wrong? Well, a billion things, but here’s a short list:

– No SPF in my moisturizer (imagine the drama!)
– Not enough skin care products that tell me they’ll make my skin „glow” (I’m a sucker from products that illuminate my skin or make it glow)
– I don’t always remove my make-up (and I know mascara will give me wrinkles one of these days…)
– I don’t use anti-aging products as much as I should (but I did get the Anew products and aside from the eye cream, which I do use, the night and day cream are both waiting for me to give them a try. God knows they smell fantastic!)
– I don’t get professional facials. Well I do, but all too rarely, that’s for sure.
– I don’t think I drink enough water- my target is 2L a day, like the doc ordered, but…well, I drink a lot of coffee.
– I drink a lot of coffee.
– …and like, Gwyneth Paltrow, I smoke a cigarette once a week (or more). And I should probably quit that completely.

Advertising Agencies/Ogilvy and Mathers/Avon

So that’s my + and – list. What are your skin recommendations?

Remember to check out Avon’s Facebook page and their brochure. I’ve just ordered their awesome Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals body lotion (notice a pattern here?), which smells …’s an acquired taste that smell, but I love it and I love the jar it comes in!

• AVON’s Facebook
• AVON’s Brochure

Illustration by Kelly Thompson.


One thought on “This Skin I Live In

  1. Trust me, B: it’s super-duper important to remove ALL makeup, especially the eye makeup, even if you’re tired, busy, sleepy, fuzzy, especially if you’re still young and carefree….I’ve discovered the push’n’shove approach on my own eyelids very soon after hitting 30, oh what a mess, if only I can take the thoughtlessness back!

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