How To Score Friends Online and Not Allienate People

Most photos by Ioana Enescu.

Since me and awesome Dana Paun are pretty much joint at the hip lately, here’s our little story*, distilled into small easy steps for you to befriend someone you like too. Also, probably this will be used by stalkers too. Oh well…

Keep on reading, there’s a prize at the end of this little self-help post! 🙂

1. The Briefing.
Know everything about the person available to you online, for free. I mean, if you have to pay to profile that person, she’s probably in a dubious field of work (hm-hm). I first met Dana online, which is where all great things happen lately through her blog, The Color Stalker. Without disregard to any street style blog, I’m bias (to hers and one other, he knows who he is) and I believe she does such a great job with that blog, it was pretty much the only time I felt inspired by the streets of Bucharest. Street style blogging is hard- there aren’t that many well dressed people in the first place and finding them and being able to actually shoot them well is a job in itself.

2. The Courting.
I liked her blog’s page. I added per on Facebook. I also started to follow her Instagram. I wanted to know what she was eating, why else would I add Instagram? To my disappointment she’s not posting pics of food though, which is weird and made me reconsider our friendship, but only briefly, because her dog had babies and there were some sick puppy postings in there which i like-like-liked.

3. The Contact.
A comment. Uhm, maybe two comments. And she replied. Score! And a witty comment and then the obvsious-oh-my-how come-we-didn’t-think-of-it-before brunch date. The key is to keep it cute and fun, like you’re not dying to be friends with her. Because, see, people smell desperation and if you h wanna get anywhere in this world you have to mask it under a veil of i’m-so-cool-i-don’t-even-care-about-cute-kittens. I’m modest but…mission completed.

4. The Brunch Date.
Don’t blow it man, this is important. Wash your hair, brush your teeth, make an effort! Also, show you’re cool and hip and go to an impossibly cool generally way over crowded place, make sure you have a few good friends willing to fake-sit atsome of the tables. This way, when you walk in, you’ll be knowing eeeeeveryone there!(great first impression, you’re cool!).

Well that’s our story, in a nut shell. We’re now working together on all sorts of cute little projects, we’re procrastinating together all sorts of other projects you never heard of because of the adore-mentioned, and we occasionally just chat without reason. We also share knowledge about people we might know or not, because gossiping is below us. And you know you’ve made it in the friend zone when she invites you in her house and posts pics of you (major score!).

5. Enjoy your Success. Like so.


If you’ve met someone online please share it below, and you’ll be getting a ticket to the awesome Digital Divas event next Friday!




Digital Divas is an event centered around the entire online community, and will reveal the digital divas in all of us. The event, which will happen on the 21st of June, will bring a lot of well-known speakers such as Cristian Lupsa (DoR Editor in Chief), Cornel Ilie (Vank), Andreea Esca, Oana Pellea and will highlight the moment when the realized online, as a platform, is important, that it has an impact on their personal brand and the ways the became successful online.
The event will take place on June 21st, at Biavati Events and lists as a special guest Yvan Rodic. Me and Dana have this awesome interview scheduled with Yvan, so stay tuned, good things will happen!
More info on the event right heeere.

Avon Connects is a platform where you can benefit from professional expertise from a numerous array of specializations. They’re always there to respond to users not only on matters related to fashion& beauty, but also those centered on fitness and nutrition, beauty tips& tricks, parenting, home& deco, recipes, social projects and volunteering. Avon’s specialists are Bianca Poptean (lifestyle journalist), Carmen and Suzana (Avon make-up artists), Sanziana Pop (the glam home expert) and Cristian Magrit (fitness and nutrition specialist). is the place where Avon is waiting for you to chat about all sorts of things over a cup of coffee.

Don’t forget to check out Avon’s Space on Facebook:


*The story you have read might be true. Or not.


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