Let’s Brunch


As I was warning you a while ago, Dana and I started working on this amazing project called Let’s Brunch, alongside Gabi Nedelcu.

It’s basically a little get together with a bunch of interesting folks, everyone from artists, actors, designers and fashion people. We’re talking about what they do, who they are, if they enjoy ice cream or beer and whether the blush is the most important thing in our make-up kit (it is).

We’re starting our web-series with gorgeous Malvina Cservenschi, who brought us coffee and croissants and came in all flushed and sophisticated and revealed that yes, we all will, from time to time, turn our closets upside down and put all our clothes on the bed, freaking out because clearly ‘we have nothing to wear’.

Here is my full proof I-have-nothing-to-wear outfit: a pair of drawstring black soft pants fron PNK Casual (Dana R is modeling them to perfection here) and a black H&M tank-top with leather straps. Put a cardi over, put a blazer over and juuuuust hurry the f up and get in time to do the interview with Malvina and Dana! Just like so:


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