The Diva Wears Zara


I was thinking about this tiny piece of information that emerged after the Digital Divas conference and awards gala. I love a blitzkrieg poll- theirs was done on 150 people, and looking at the pictures of those present they were the good 150. The few 150. I myself couldn’t make it on account of a nasty case of gastritis that was rather successful in persuading me to go to the hospital. Otherwise, there would have been 151, duh.

All those in attendance were asked to list their favorite brands – not those they aspire to buy, but those they actually buy. It comes as no surprise that our go-to retailer du jour is Zara, as is H&M, because, honestly now, they interpret trends without knocking off and that is important when you shop on a budget. And since they’re now being terribly attractive with their sales, let me just say this: save a little bit, because Fashion Days has a surprise in store for you and this is real news people! Zara on a bad-ass sale of 70% in July, on FD.
Get cracking on setting up that account girlfriend, you’ll be purchasing stuff this month!

So that you don’t get toooooooo wild, here is a list of stuff to buy during sales:

-> Black/ white silk shirts. I have a collection of them by now, they are as necessary as they are gorgeous. Buy them and never look back. Also, never use bleach on them, they will disintegrate like…well, like silk in bleach.


-> Jeans. Grab all the jeans you can find- boyfriend, straight, flared, skinny. You wear jeans all year long and even if you might forget that during the summer months, as they say, winter is coming.21c6b3e89e6d11e1a92a1231381b6f02_7_large

-> Basic T-shirts. I suggest buying a size up, so they are a little bit loose and flattering. You don’t want people to see you just had lunch, do ya?

-> Trench coats& parkas. Sure, it’s the middle of the summer, its a billion degrees outside. Still, see conclusion on #2.

-> Summer stuff is on sale too! Sure, you already got your bathing suit back in April, when you were excited about the snow melting. But do future you a favor and get a new bathing suit on sale. There are the full bathing suits that you always love but never buy, because it makes no sense to spend money on something you’ll be wearing to the pool once. Now you can afford it.

-> THAT pair of shoes. You have seen it, you have craved it. For months you passed that window store. Go in now and buy them. They’re within reach.


And here is my own little rule, and I try not to pass check out without applying it: would I be wearing it had it not been on sale? If honest to the All Mighty, your answer is yes, do go on. If it’s a ‘meh’ drop the crap you’re about to buy and go on a vacation in September, it’ll cost pennies. And by all means wait for sales to get real sweet, because, just like melons, sales ripe mid-July. Like this Zara@ Fashion Days sale.

Just sayin.


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