Isabel Marant X H&M- First Look

Here it is people!

I like Isabel Marant as much as anyone else and this is exciting, I have to admit. Alas, nowhere near as excited as Margiela made me feel last year, but you know….some things are hard to match.

This dress, no matter what I say now, will probably become no #1 on my ‘must’ list this November. Also, thank you a bunch H&M for debuting every collaboration a few days before my birthday, just so you know, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Oh and the boots too…not too shabby!

Photo via H&M’s official Belgian Twitter handle. What’s your most coveted Marant item and what are you hoping she’ll rework with H&M? The college t-shirt? The Cowboy shirt? The boho dresses? The wedge sneaker?

BOulTaqCAAAXRp8.jpg large



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