Jagger, Jagger on the wall, who’s 70 of them all?

Finally Mick’s years caught up with the era he mostly identifies with.

And I always get this feeling that things are best when they ripe to perfection- Mick is definitely no longer young, that’s for sure, but he still holds the aura of… I donno man, I look at the guy and he breathes rock and roll.


And here’s to living and kicking rock legends, for years on end of solid inspiration and years of incredible showmanship. There are so many a things Mick has influenced, that clothing is slightly frivolous, but you know, fashion is what I like, so bare with me, there are a few classics that sprung directly from the Jagger closet which I think are worth mentioning.

1. The Scarves.

Oh sure, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler holds a degree in how to tie a scarf around a mic and Keith Richardson knows how to throw them around hotel rooms, but Mick does.it.bettah.


2. The Skinny Pants.

And while we’re at it, making men all over the world comfortable with being tall, skinny and tightly dressed. And making Julia Roberts feel like her mouth isn’t quite that big anyway.


3. The Dancing.

It took the rest of the world until 2011 to figure out that he wasn’t doing the Elaine dance and that having ‘the moves like Jagger’ was an asset, for a change.


4. The Shinny, Shinny, boots of..no, no, no…. The Shinny Jackets.

Three parts shine, one part kitsch, jackets made out of brocade and a variety of shiny fabrics are very rock and roll. Mick wears them today, a later addition…uhm, completion to his rock and roll persona. He mixes them with black denim and attitude, while the rest of the world tries to capture the glam and sell it back to mortals north of 500$. And we’re buying.


5. The Post-Wedding Limo Photo that we all want.


Jamie and Kate got theirs.



These are the Five Clotheshorse of the Jagger, the style details he helped conceive, promote and become utterly classic.

I wish you a happy one Mister Jagger, you’ve danced and sang your way to a bad-ass age and you’re still going to change your blood in Switzerland like nobody’s business. That’s gossip, but you’re def the real deal.

Keep on rocking.






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