Blessed Are the Australian Designers, for They Shall Inherit the Earth.


If you make a list of things you know about Australia, it might be along these lines: Steve the Crocodile Hunter, kangaroos, red deserts, 2000$ plane tickets and funny accents. Little do you think about the menacing, growing fashion design spot this often over-looked island/continent is slowly (but ever so surely) growing into.


Fashion bloggers and a few online publications such as Refinery 29 have been invited to attend Australian Fashion Week, and came back with amazing reviews. And not for nothing, but those reviews did have a well written point along the fine print and it read: ONES TO WATCH.

Pushed by public figures such as Australian Vogue Fashion Editor Christine Centenera, Australian design is earning it’s badges and working damn hard at it. From the top of the line Dion Lee (seen on Centenera above, in the form of a skirt) to mass Senso shoes, they are rising and they’ve got a tone to say. Here’s a selection of those worthy (in my opinion, but it’s a great opinion) to be watched.

Christopher Esber is finger licking good, check out his stuff and before you think of them as being too simple, remind yourself to try and be more like Gwyneth.


I did remind you that Dion Lee is awesome, but here are a few photographic evidence of his so called excellence hot out of the oven from the resort collection NEOCLASSICAL.





Ksubi has proven to hold its own weight by being an all star favorite already and being sold on giants such as Net-a-Porter, as did Senso, when all the bloggers went on a fever to get the boots listed below.





Also Josh Goot is pretty much, as Rachel Zoe would put … it’s … bah-na-nas! (and since when haven’t you heard a RZ refference? It’s so retro, it sounds fresh!)

josh goot98_778

josh goot38_203

josh goot 9


There are also the ones Instagram revealed to me, such as Friend of Mine (such an aussie name!) and Argyle Argum, which are edgy and have a refreshing point of view. And no wonder, they are literally (and I’m using it correctly for a chance) one season ahead of everyone else.




Argyle Argum Anatomical leather pants are the most un-boring thing I’ve seen on Instagram since…ever. Also, I haven’t been excited about leather pants in so long, it feels strange. The pants debut in a weeks time, so shopy shop!

Oh, and did I mention Willow? Oh, I like. I very much like.

willow 1002701_529181917130535_1278490127_n

willow 1013452_526711450710915_320135405_n

willow 1001547_531764423538951_580702312_n


Basically, if I absolutely must summarize, I believe Australian design is simple and sporty. That unpretentious feel about emphasizing a woman’s figure (and being ok with slightly over-sized garments), draping done in an asymmetrical manner that is both contemporary and casual at the same time and an easiness about prints that makes me wanna wear one of those Goot hoodies, even though you know how I feel about prints, it all kind of hails the days of Aussies. In our lifetime.

So make sure you follow these puppies before they main stream it all the way. It’s gonna be a good ride.


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