Nothing to See Here, Move Along


On July 13, Alexander Wang hosted one ‘a special, one time event’ that reveiled itself to be a huuuuge give-away of all sorts of T by Alexander Wang t-shirts, blazers, dresses, pants and so on.

While I’m no pussy when it comes to give-aways (seriously, who doesn’t like them?) this kind of give-away felt absolutely degrading. Fashionista and Refinery29, being nice and all that only tagged it as being ‘scary‘. I believe it to be scary, but in terms of intention and not in terms of execution.
Let’s take a good look at what happened.

As this girl tells us, most of those invited to this special event were people who cannot afford Wang on a regular basis, not even T by Wang, which is absolutely the norm for 21 year old everywhere and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. They were all hyped up and lead into a room where every darn thing in there was for FREE. How they acted when faced with this give away is not up for comment now, because who knows, I might act like a four-headed beast if Proenza did a give-away like that.


However, I sincerely hope that my favorite designer (s) will never subject me to such a humiliation, be it in the name of a social experiment, art or, worst of all: public ridicule masked as ‘a viral’.

Being portrayed at your worst possible, most beastly moment is absolutely up to you (because you can be part of this or not) but how much free will do you still have when you wait in line for 4 hours, you are incredibly pumped from knowing ‘you’re one of the special few’ and you find out tons of designer stuff is free? I think there’s very little free will left, at least in this target group. And probably in a lot more other target groups, come to think of it.

Being taped like that in slow motion, with an ironic soundtrack is simply….well, tasteless. I might be missing the point of this video, so please, let me know if I am, because I’m starvingly looking for something to hold on to, before my stomach turns upside down thinking about Alexander Wang the next time.

Help me not think of him as a condescending as$#@*& who decided that throwing away some old merchandise and filming people wolf over it doesn’t resemble, in a very modern, arty, ironic way the gladiator fights, where people would be humiliated or die for the entertainment of the ‘noble’ elite.

Here is the amazing video, ‘enjoy’ it.


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