Fall on by

zara fall 2013 ad 012

High street shops such as Zara, aside from doing the ultimate mind-fuck and trying to corrupt me to buy a non-leather motorcycle jacket (you ain’t no Stella McCartney, snap outov it!) are slowly but surely releasing their early fall lookbooks- are drool worthy they are!

First of all, Zara hit the sweet spot, but only by mere coincidence. Here’s what happened: every now and again, there are a few shows I like to set as background noise for chores, scrolling through Instagram or flipping through magazines. Such shows are either Project Runway (yeah, it really doesn’t need all of my attention), West Wing or Sex and the City. Yeah, soooooo old school. Thing is, once in a while an episode I haven’t seen happens, and exactly this happened Saturday afternoon.

The episode was I Heart NY, an ode to NY if there ever was one (oh, and there were!), is the episode when Miranda has Brady, when Big moves to Napa, when Carrie buys a delicious pair of Louboutins’ after saying ‘Hello lovers!’ in the window. The episode where she wears something that looks like a négligée and she’s perfect in it. Well I took a patient look at Zara’s fall lookbook, and just when I was getting ready to dismiss it as being ‘too trendy'(we’ll talk about that soon) I saw this picture.

And I too, like another before me, said ‘Hello, lovers!’


Maybe there is something to Zara’s goodies this fall. Decide for yourself.

zara fall 2013 ad 013

zara fall 2013 ad 011

zara fall 2013 ad 010

zara fall 2013 ad 009

zara fall 2013 ad 004

zara fall 2013 ad 005

zara fall 2013 ad 006

zara fall 2013 ad 007

zara fall 2013 ad 008

zara fall 2013 ad 003

zara fall 2013 ad 002

zara fall 2013 ad 001


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