Instagram- An Ode to Thee


It was many, many, not even a year ago, when my adventures in Instagram began. No worries, it was no casual love affair- all my friends said we’d be great together. I looked it up, saw that it was cool, everyone hanged out with it, everyone raved about how this was what was happening.

So I gave it a try. Shyly at first, I’m not that easy to win over. I only posted pictures of my home, flowers in a pot and food. Some might say I played it cool, as in ice cool. I started showing some leg after a while, because when you’re all alone with a camera, well, things get very silly, very fast. I now know pictures of ‘where I stand’, ‘feet in sand/water/grass’ ‘here’s what my cat did’ and such are considered cliches, but there’s a reason why that is: everyone does it, it’s what Instagram is aaaall about. Beautiful filters, August light and funny, silly photos.

However, what my relationship with Insta is based on is the amazing world it’s exposed me too. It took me places I’ve never been: Australia and all the famous people that I got to know personally, from their bathroom mirror reflection (I’m looking at you Riri) only to find out they too, like me, take photos of their cat and feet and hands, and Iceland  and so many yummy restaurants, it was unbelievable, a whirlwind! I was hooked. It eventually met my parents, my best friends and everyone I knew and, slowly but surely, we now go everywhere together. I’ll leave the definition of ‘everywhere’ to the dictionary, because that’s exactly how close we are.

So I don’t blame anyone who wants to be in a relationship with Instagram, because I toootally get it.

Just as I was super-duper understanding when Avon decided to launch, oh, you know, funnest Insta competition ever! And seriously, there’s nothing better than getting a prize for hanging out where you already are hanging out, right? 3 girls share their adventure in Avon Space and they’re none others than Like, Live and Love, all with very different personalities. To find out more, you should really check out the Insta clips and pictures.


With that said, you should check out said competition and here’s how it works- check out @avonspace and jump from hashtag to hashtag following the comments, until you find the winning one.

Clicky clicky!

More details here:


Below, a collection of from-where-I-stands.

Because they are fun and I like them, stop judging and point that camera at your own feet!

Shooting the Google team in action.

En route to Peroni Collaborazioni party.

Shooting the first Let’s Brunch episode with Malvina C.

Going to The One magazine party.

Saturday magazine run.

Out for lunch.


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