Show You Care


I love women. Not that I love them, but I adore them. I find them to be strong in all aspects of their lives, no matter if they cry at movies. I think they are hard workers and resourceful individuals, creative and witty people. And women can accessorize and tell the difference between pink and magenta and any man will tell you: that’s bloody hard.

For all that it’s worth, there are a few things that get us down and bad hair days are one of those things, but one in particular is the sum of all that’s nasty. Once a year every single woman I know, and you know, and the women that they know should show they care. Once every year every single woman should go get screened and make sure she is healthy, for herself and for those around her.

I paid it forward to Dana– another pink item that she needs to now give to someone she cares about, and so on.


Keep it stylish, stay gorgeous and most importantly, stay healthy.



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