That Moment

5Spoiler alert, there might be a give-away at the end of this story.

You know that moment when you’re in a rush. No random rush, but the rush of actually having found what you wanted but not having the certainty it’s going to go home with you? And I’m not talking about men, na-ah, this is something far more important. It’s clothes.

Probably one of the biggest rushes I ever had was during online shopping. Over time I have scored incredible finds on eBay, caught some great deals on Guilt and have been stressing out in front of the screen trying (and ultimately succeeding) to buy amazing deals on Fashion Days.

Can’t really remember the theme of the sale, but all in all, a lot of Benetton classic goodies.
So I watch my time, log in probably a minute past the hour and start adding to that basket like nobody’s business. Half way done, I figure I might as well check the basket, make sure everything is there. I never look at notifications, because probably that way I wouldn’t have take n my sweet time: the one things that I LOVED in there was gone. i ran out of time to check out and someone snatched it from me.

And you know how every loss must be over-compensated with a gazillion things? I overdid it that day.
All is well in the kingdom of insane girls though: Fashion Days has this amazing app (you have it, right?) and now you can pay with your card, making this probably the fastest online shopping experience.

And the best part is this: you order and then mildly forget about it. Not like forget-forget, but just put in on a shelf and become slightly oblivious to it until the messenger comes in and says “Hi, you have a package’ and I swear to you, that’s the best pick-up line of all, why don’t men use it more often in dark bars before offering to buy you a drink? Beats me.


Point is this ladies. You need to be fast and stay connected- either you shop online on your mobile, laptop or desktop, it’s not that important. What you need, aside from a card and the self-implied finger dexterity, is power. And if your battery runs out on you just as mine does (and I pinky promise I charge that damn thing every night and 6 texts, 5 phone calls, one facebook and instagram and one whats’up session later, it’s all gone. I meeeaaan…) you need some sort of invention that can wirelessly charge up that phone.

This little thingy not only takes up about an inch of purse space, but it’s seriously pure magic. I tested it last week, battery full in about an hour. And it doesn’t slide from your phone, so unless someone tells me it’s a fashion faux-pas, imma let it hang from my phone until it’s battery full.
And I have one for you too!


Yes ladies, this is the good stuff.

Do tell: what was your fastest shopping experience ever? Put it in a comment and one of you will be talking and texting from now till Easter.

Don’t you forget to download that awesome FD app as well, mkay?
And you can keep connected with FD via Facebook as well.

All photos by Dana Paun.


2 thoughts on “That Moment

  1. AY gurl- my “fastest” shopping experience wld hav to be on ebay last yr when i cleaned up good while on bed rest.. new wardrobe w/in minutes. wahoo!! – buy it now= dangerous.

    lookin good, bianca! mwua x

  2. Greu cu shopping-ul online si cu ofertele contra cronometru. In cazul meu, cea mai solicitanta experienta de genul asta a fost cu un site din Spania. La miezul noptii (ora lor) ofereau 50% reducere pentru primele zece comenzi plasate. Asa ca mi-am petrecut ziua studiind produsele, astfel ca la miezul noptii aveam click-ul pregatit si am cumparat in 40 de secunde doua rochii, un sacou si o geanta. A se lua in seama ca a trebuit sa pun si numarul cardului, altfel as fi reusit o performanta de neegalat ๐Ÿ™‚

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