Get Your Cool On


There are a number of factors that make me happy for fall. One  of them is that it’s now ok to wear black again. It’s ok to go out shopping again since it’s somewhat socially acceptable to complain about not having anything to wear. After all, while you might get away with shorts and tank tops for summer, the rest of the year requirest at least a little effort on your part.

Since my closet is full of black boots, I’ll stress upon this little black dress for your feet. You need it. It saves you from those situations when you really wish you could go out for after drinks and you simply don’t feel that cute. Black boots also save you from loooking too put together- you can throw on a dress and the boots will make it casual. Black boots will work flawlessy into your wardrobe. Provided, that is, your wardrobe is not a rainbow, which I sincerely hope it is not. It’s not, right? It can’t be. Right?

And because I’m looking out for your wardrobe (never say I don’t care!) here it comes: Submit your style proposal including the Aldo pair of boots above, called Mikusova and let’s share fall inspiration. I’m sure you’re outfit is better than mine and that’s simply because I’m into basics lately and no color or silhouette in the world can change my course. But I’m willing to give it an honest try. Let me see you’re choices for a bitchin’ look involving these boots!

My little ensemble above is: Aldo boots, Acne scarf, Marni pants, JAmes Perse t-shirt, Stella McCartney coat, Ray-Ban shades, Daniel Wellington watch, Edie Borgo cuff and Phillip Lim mini Pashli bag.



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