Let’s Brunch, Part Deux

Photo via Mauvert.

If noone stops me with this French stuff, things are going to get nasty when we get to episode 131, because I can’t count that high in francais…

Here it finally is! It’s been a looong time coming: a new episode of Let’s Brunch. We’ll be having a fresh one out of the oven for you every week and you’ll need to follow up and stay tuned to see who we’re talking to next.

You’re also more than welcomed to recommend us interesting people you’d like Dana& I to talk to, because I’m sure that by our powers combined, well, we’ll be better.

We filmed on the rooftop of Promenada, the new mall in Floreasca, which is simply great. It was filmed about a month ago, when it was still pretty warm outside. Since Promenada is launching in a few weeks, you’ll surely notice changes- first of all, they’ll also have trees, which were no available for our shooting (big divas!). There are going to be little lights on during nighttime and we made the managment pinky promise that they will never ever ever mind anyone stepping on the grass. So grab a coffee and a blanket and pray for sunshine.

The company was even better than the venue, if you can imagine. We love Sanziana‘s incredibly cool blog that makes us drool over all sorts of amazing decoration ideas and makes us so, so jealous that she gets to visit the best apartments and homes in town. So we decided to pick her brain about what the perfect picnic looks like for her. And of course Andreea Parnia who’s so very sweet and shared some of the details that went into bringing to life a ginormous project like this new bulding and what plans and surprises are still ahead.

Alors, without further ado, happy watching!


Photos via Promenada’s Facebook wall.

Because we know our Ps and our Qs: thanks a million to the great people of Promenada for allowing us to film there. Huge thank you for the lovely and helpful Ioana& Claudiu- Mauvert,ย  who saved the day, to Sanziana and Andreea who are not keen on cameras and yet managed to look incredibly natural, confident and were fantastic and the Let’s Brunch crew, which consists of a few more people then you can see and who do a great job. And to Alina Popa who provided the wonderful setting, via her amazing Something Borrowed.


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