Share It to Stop It.

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Here are  the facts that don’t do us justice:

– Every 30 seconds a woman is abused

– In 2007 there were 4500 victims of abuse and 50 lost their lives. 56% out of those abuse cases were in medium to large cities, so domestic violence is not related to education or status

– In 2010, there were 12.000 women who were abused and if you’ve been keeping score, out of a population getting smaller and smaller year after year, there are more and more cases.

– It doesn’t get better:  75% of domestic violence cases never get filed.

– On a European level, things don’t really get better, because, shockingly, 1 in 4 women is abused during her lifetime. That is a quarter of all women in Europe. Not just East, but everywhere.

I’ve never been in that situation and I could say that if, God forbid, I’d ever be, I’d beat the living hell out of that motherf*&%r, pardon my french, because sometimes you need to be crazier than they are. But truth is, I hope I never know what I would do and I don’t wish to judge anyone in that situation.

What abused women need is less people questioning their decisions and lack of action and more people actually helping them. It takes a lot of courage for them to face the fact that the men they acepted into their lives, probably into their homes, is now the enemy and, strange as it would seem, they probably still love him, because at some point he showed care and interest and kindness. They are not to blame, he is and that’s as black and white as a situation ever gets.

Women in such situations might tend to blame themselves “I was an idiot to ever be with him” but truth is, they rarely ever are. They’re trustful and tend to see the good in people, because we’re built to trust one another. And when things go south, we make up excuses: he didn’t mean ithe’s just upsetit was my fault for not doing this or that and so on. The only real fault is that some of us have the tendancy to keep on believing even after such a crude awakening and point is every woman should simply walk.away.

The time when you stop believing is the moment you start making up excuses. Women deserve to be respected in the most elementary way possible: to be safe both physically and emotionally. AVON supports women and their choices and being respected is a right in its own.

So here it is. Simply too much violence that needs to stop. Don’t put up with it, stop the cycle. Walk Away. Write your story. Let others hear what you had to say. Share it to stop it.

AVON campaigns against domestic violence for over 5 years now. This year they’ve organized the annual event CSR4WOMEN, the first event in Romania dedicated to social campaign for women. Organized as a conference and an awards gala, the event promotes self respect and women’s rights. CSR4WOMEN means the national acknowledgment of campaigns, projects and people who are there for women and who support them.

Share it to stop it and join the effort on Facebook.

And remember to always ask for the respect you offer.




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