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Raluca Kisescu  - Senior Marketing Manager AVON Romania si Moldova

Avon recently launched the biggest online store on an integrated e-comm website.

You know why that’s pretty awesome? Here’s my story: I really dig the Avon nails colors- they’re fresh and fun and always trendy (like these people are wired to a Pantone global brain, I swear) and I like their spa products, which are pretty lush and a great value for money. Since I don’t have an Avon rep around me, it’s pretty hard to have access to their products and I kept asking left and right, even actually considered being a rep myself just to be able to buy their stuff. Well no need for all that agravation anymore.

Avon launched their online store and a fully integrated e-comm platform.

First impression? Really easy to use. Second impression? Pretty cool that you can review products. I don’t know the first thing about beauty products and whenever I decide to buy something I base my choice on a few things:

– Does Eva Chen have it?  (beauty evitor at Lucky Mag)

– Does the Man Repleller have it?

– Does a professional recommend it? (and an extended post on profesional help is coming to this blog SOON)

– Does a good friend have it?

If the product doesn’t come by way of any of the above, I try and source the internet for information and opinions, so I think that being able write and read reviews is priceless.

You can welcome the Avon online store by placing a first order…. right this way ladies:

Happy Shopping!

de la stanga la dreapta - Cristian Manafu si Irina Minca, consilier in frumusete AVON



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