Making a List, Checking it Thrice

Photos by Dana Paun.

Since snow is upon us, let’s start making some Christmas plans, mkay?

Sure, grinches will grinch: “It’s too soon for Christmas!” “We’re not yet done with fall!”but thing is…we’re all suckers for Christmas. And you know who hates early Christmas prepping? Bad people!

So put on your red and white puffy hat and let’s see what AVON has in store for us, or maybe for a dear& loved one. AVON is debuting their Premier Luxe perfume, probably one of the best gifts you can give to that classy, elegant woman you’ve got in your life (yeah, your mom/sister/aunt/bff). Besides there are a couple of new products such as the Luxe Glitz powder and lipstick and since Loredana is the endorser, I’m fairly sure this is the stuff of magic.


Still no idea what to stuff your friends socks with? Head on over to AVON’s website– no fuss no worries, you can now Christmas shop all you want with a few clicks and a tap.






Wearing a damn awesome vest coat from AER, which is perfection, just admit it.


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