Everyone Who Knows Us Knows

by Bianca

Photos by the ColorStalker.

Long time, no see! Well, like all good things, the winter cosyness makes you dull, silly happy and utterly inefficient. So here we are, spring in our step (get it? it’s a pun) and poise in our heels, let it be spring once again and let me post a tad more often.

Dana and I took these pics a little while back and I won’t get into any details, I’ll just say that I had a bamboozle of fun and that her clothes are really amazing. Sure, these all sound like paid for ads, but rest assured, she makes me pay for everything. Which you’re also invited to do i you care to visit her showroom. More details here.

Not speaking of, I really do hope you’re watching fashion week happening over on the other side of the pond. I already have a few favorites and omg, were those manmodels at Alexander Wang? In any case, we’ll review  a few sweet moments from NY a little later in the week, let it pile up for a while, because right now I’m right clicking anything and everything that I like, which eventually turns into one huge Inspiration folder.






Get the Buena Vista top here.