About The Corner

Photo by Ioana Enescu.

So here it is, a full on blast about my narcissistic endeavors, for your benefit alone. Maybe mine too, when I’m grey and old.

A little bitov background? Well, I’ve worked in advertising for a while, moved from Bucharest to NY and studied Fashion Marketing at Parsons, worked as a stylist* then came back to Bucharest a few years later. Over here, I venture to collaborate with All Hollow, only the awesomest fashion magazine this side of the world and I could never say no to a styling or shopping spree.

And since fashion will always be with me, I figured this blog was coming sooner or later. So here it is.

It’s about what I like to wear, what I like to shop and very once in a while it can be about other things that relate, but are not necessarily about fashion. Because fashion doesn’t live in a bubble, and nor do I.

“Damn, not another fashion blogger!’ Ain’t me. You’ll be guaranteed to see the same shoes for posts on end, the same white t-shirt I’ve been washing twice a week (‘cuz it gives me an awesome cleavage, word!) and the same pair of Levi’s cut-offs. If you hit refresh my wardrobe doesn’t feel like. But the trick is to keep it fresh, so this will be a challenge for me too, because you might have noticed how I like my white Ts.

And so we begin.

PS: I do so solemnly swear that I will, to the best of my abilities, refrain from showing you my cat, but FYI, she’s adorable and you’re missing out.


*Stylist in NY was all about still life styling at Liz Claiborne Studios for Kate Spade and Juicy Couture and coordinating the studio; fashion editorials for Vaga Magazine, Marie Claire China and lookbooks, plus the occasional indie band that needed a shoot, whilst playing the costume designer for a few very creative NYU- Tisch films. My portfolio, clicky clicky.




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