The Winner Of All Things

This past few weeks saw the progress of an exciting competition hosted by Peek& Cloppenburg and patroned by Stella McCartney: Designer for Tomorrow. There were a few up-and-coming designers there, the best young talented available in Britain. Amongst them was the seriously talented Ioana Ciolacu, who you’ve seen featured on here three times already, and…… Continue reading The Winner Of All Things

H&M Autumn 2013 Collection or What’s For Dinner

You didn’t miss it, did you? H&M Autumn 2013 collection? If you did, here are the pictures via Grazia and my 2 cents on the matter: it’s easy and wearable. It won’t break the bank (Topshop Unique does break the bank for regular Topshop customers, so H&M just scored some major point for being considerate).…… Continue reading H&M Autumn 2013 Collection or What’s For Dinner

Why Peroni Will Always be Cool

Remember how last Saturday Peroni Collaborazioni debuted it’s designer& blogger collections? If you missed that, you might wanna pay special attention to this, because this project just keeps getting better and better! This time designer Mihai Dan Zarug and Claudiu Enescu of Mauvert/ Kinga Varga& Ana Morodan / Nadia Popescu of Portobello & Irina Markovits…… Continue reading Why Peroni Will Always be Cool

Discuss This!

This has been a looooooong week, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now and in case you’ve no idea what to talk about with your girlfriends over croissants and orange juice, here are your brunch topics. Events are pouring over these days, helping you out with the holiday gifting situation (because you, like me, surely…… Continue reading Discuss This!

Discuss This!

Pedro Lourenco Ladies (and gents, oh, how I hope there are some gents) let’s discuss brunch topics. You know, you’ve already Facebooked, Instagramed and Whatsapped the hell out of your BFF all week long, so you know what he/she wore, what he/she bought, who he/she saw and where he/she went. So I’ll help break that…… Continue reading Discuss This!