Vara pe Insula

Cum spasit recunosteam intr-o postare anterioara, in vacanta am trait in costumul de baie. Din pacate se pare ca am mintit, va uitati chiar la dovada… am facut “efortul” de a ma acoperi totusi, din cand in cand. Am pastrat insa aceasta rara intamplare doar pentru lucruri foarte simple si usor de purtat. In acest sens, un…… Continue reading Vara pe Insula

Everyone Who Knows Us Knows

Photos by the ColorStalker. Long time, no see! Well, like all good things, the winter cosyness makes you dull, silly happy and utterly inefficient. So here we are, spring in our step (get it? it’s a pun) and poise in our heels, let it be spring once again and let me post a tad more…… Continue reading Everyone Who Knows Us Knows

Lightaholic x The Corner

Photos by Lightaholic Last week I got one particular e-mail that made me giddy. Catalin, aka Lightaholic is one of the best street style photographers I know and he wanted to shoot a few with me. Just like I do with invitations to bars, I said yes, and there’s a bit of the result down…… Continue reading Lightaholic x The Corner